Established 1907 (Annexed 1911)

Mayfair is one of the oldest in Saskatoon outside of the original three settlements of Nutana, Saskatoon and Riversdale. Part of the land originally granted to the Temperance Colonization Society in 1882, it was in private hands by the time Saskatoon was incorporated as a City in 1906 and was first identified on a map of Saskatoon in 1907, during the height of the city’s first real estate boom.

Map of Mayfair in Saskatoon

The first lots were sold that year and the first houses began to be built, primarily along 33rd Street. By 1909 there were nearly 60 houses in Mayfair – at that time still outside of city limits – with a population estimated at around 350. On April 20, 1911, the City expanded, annexing land to the north as far as 38th St. Mayfair was finally “in”.

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The neighbourhood of Mayfair is bounded to the south by 33rd Street East, the north by Circle Drive. The width is determined by Idylwyld Drive (Avenue A) and Avenue H.

Right now Mayfair finds itself benefiting from the economic boom Saskatoon is experiencing. It is within walking distance of downtown, 20th Street, and is surrounded by parks, amenities, and attractions. Despite being close to it all, it remains one of the city’s more affordable neighborhoods.

While some will argue that we should be including some of the great amenities in across the 33rd Street in Caswell, I am going to limit myself by the geographic boundaries that make up Mayfair.

Mayfair by the Numbers

  • Population | 2,560
  • Homeownership % | 66.7
  • Average Value of Dwelling | $209,013
  • Average Household Income | $49,100
  • Average Household Size | 2.3
  • Municipal Ward 1

What to do A.H. Browne Park

Toboggan hill, slash pool, playground, ballpark, and soccer field make up the most popular spot in Mayfair.

AH Browne Park in MayfairA.H. Browne Park in Winter

The park is popular with both children and their parents and has been a community gathering place for years.  It is home to community barbecues, summer programming, and even summertime theatre.  It is one of the most used and loved neighbourhood parks in Saskatoon.

Mayfair Community School ParkMayfair schoolWhere to Eat

  • Christies Mayfair Bakery If you aren’t stopping by for fresh baking at least once a week, you are doing it all wrong.  A neighbourhood institution since it was established in 1933, Christies Mayfair Bakery is a world class bakery right in the heart of Mayfair.
  • Ling’s Fantastic Vietnamese & Thai food restaurant right along 33rd Street that replaces Nha Trang.  While the recipes have changed a bit, the food and the service is still spectacular.
  • Spring Rolls Restaurant It has big shoes in replacing a long time neighbourhood favourite but the reviews and the word of mouth comments have been fantastic.
  • Ricky’s All Day Grill Family diner and grill in a casual dining atmosphere.
  • Back to Coffee Beans

Where to Shop

  • 33rd Street Market A place for crafters, artists, and collectors to sell their wares on 33rd Street.  Great location, ample parking, and some fantastic wares are to be had.
  • 33rtd Street Safeway One of the few small format Safeway stores left in Canada, 33rd Street Safeway has long roots in the neighbourhood starting first in Caswell Hill before moving to 33rd Street in the Mayfair Pharmacy location before expanding into its current location in the 1960s.


33rdstreetsafewayWhile it does have a variety of excellent foods, it no longer carries Jos Louis.  Luckily it does have one of Mayfair’s two Redbox video locations.  I’d prefer the Jos Louis.

Despite being recently renovated, it is the only Safeway in Saskatoon that does not have a Starbucks.  The good news is that you can get a good coffee to go at Christie’s Mayfair Bakery.

  • Better Off Duds Better Off Duds believes in sequins & second chances.  They are an imaginative, independent, vintage shop.  Better Off Duds specializes in gender & size inclusive second-hand selections, with a focus on vintage clothing, quality classics, & one-of-a-kind finds.
  • The Owl & Crate

Where to Stay

  • Best Western Harvest Inn A motel located on Idylwyld Drive, it has been extensively renovated and updated motel that is home to Ricky’s All Day Grill.

What We Love About Mayfair

  • Christie’s Mayfair Bakery is one of the best places in Saskatoon to start your day.  Amazing baking, fresh coffee, and an easy to reach location from anywhere in Mayfair.

What We Don’t Like About Mayfair

  • Like most of the residents, we aren’t fond of Manchesters.  The bar/off sale ads nothing to the neighbourhood, isn’t really a neighbourhood pub, and is too big of a bar to be in a residential neighbourhood.  It was a failure of Saskatoon City Council to allow it to be built and now residents are stuck with it.

Who’s Who?

  • City Councillor: Darren Hill (Ward 1)
  • MLA: Cam Broten (Saskatoon Massey Place)
  • MLA: Roger Parent (Saskatoon Meewasin)
  • MP: Kelly Block (Saskatoon Rosetown Biggar)
  • Community Association: Hudson Bay Park | Mayfair | Kelsey-Woodlawn


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  • Mayfair & Kelsey-Woodlawn Local Area Plan