Sean Shaw
Sean earned a Ph.D. from the University of Saskatchewan and works as geochemist with a local consulting firm.  While his work makes the world a better place to live in, none of us really understand what he does for a living.  In his spare time he writes the highly entertaining blog Municipal Matters which is a must read for politicos and urbanists in the city and is a columnist with Planet S Magazine. He is married to Megan and still has strong ties to both the Blue Jays and Maple Leafs despite many, many years of losing.

DeeAnn Mercier
DeeAnn works at The Lighthouse Supported Living where she is the communications director.  She is also known as being one of the few Saskatoon politicos that uses Tumblr which she awkwardly refers to as “The Tumblr”.  She started “The Tumblr” as a place to post octopus photos to.  To this day she defends that as a legitimate reason to start a website. On a more serious note, she has been an effective advocate for food security and access in the city helping out with The Food Bank Challenge and Hike the Food Dessert.  She has an English degree from the University of Saskatchewan and a Communications degree from Trinity Western University.  She is married to Jules and kind of tunes out when we discuss sports.

Hilary Nelson
Hilary came to Saskatoon in order to obtain her BFA in Visual Art at the U of S and then neglected to leave the city afterwards. In order to keep up with the politically erudite discourse at her job, she started reading Sean Shaw’s gateway blog and then moved on to harder stuff – the city council agenda. Since her husband was not as excited to discuss municipal matters as she was, Hilary started writing a blog instead. Hilary can be found on Twitter in the winter and on her bike in the summer.  She also writes on urban issues for Metro Saskatoon.

Jordon Cooper
Jordon has lived in Saskatoon since 1984.  He is married to Wendy and they have two children together.  There are also two dogs that somehow became part of the family.  In his spare time writes a weekly column on social and urban issues for The Star Phoenix and is a roundtable member of the Saskatoon Afternoon show on 650 CKOM.  He has been a big time Denver Broncos fan and a passionate follower of the Toronto Blue Jays despite them playing in Toronto.  Jordon has grown up around political campaigns since he was 12.  Long since non-partisan he now finds himself criticizing politicos on both sides of the political spectrum and doesn’t always remember it’s a small province and some have long memories.  In that light, his participation with this seems to be a bad idea.

Tammy Robert
Tammy was born and raised in Saskatoon. Tammy has extensive experience in public relations and media. People may know her best as the longest-running and record-breaking producer of Saskatchewan’s John Gormley Live Show where her frequent personal appearances on the show (John vs. Tammy being a fan favorite) gave her audience an introduction to the woman behind the glass. Tammy is a wife and mom of 2 and raging (some might say obsessed) Mad Men wannabe (Don Draper not Roger Sterling.)  She is now principal in That’s What She Said PR and a columnist at the Saskatoon Express.