Sponsor OurYXE

The rate for an ad on OurYXE is $30.00 (Canadian) per month for a 125×125 pixel ad. We accept payment through PayPal. Once you’ve paid (and supplied your ad artwork), your ad will be uploaded within 24 hours. With a banner ad, new advertisers also receive a one time only launch post at the beginning of their ad run called Meet the Sponsor, introducing them to OurYXE readers. The launch post will also be promoted on Twitter.

Can I get a discount if I book an ad for more than a month?

Yes! If you’d like to book your ad for more than a month at a time, I offer the following ad runs at a discount:

  • 3 months: 5% discount ($90.00 less $4.50 — your total cost is now $85.50)
  • 6 months: 10% discount ($180.00 less $18.00 — your total cost is now $162.00)
  • 1 year: 15% discount ($360 less $54.00 — your total cost is now $306.00)

What format should my ad be?

I am able to accept files in the following formats: JPEG and GIF. There are no additional fees for Animated GIF ads. Animated GIF ads should be no more than 50K in size, so that they can load quickly and easily for viewers.

What’s your policy for accepting advertisers?

OurYXE reserves the right to accept only sponsors that are deemed suitable for the blog. While we am happy to consider all who apply, priority will be given to businesses that we think offer value to our customers and whose products we will use.


Please feel free to email us at sponsor@ourYXE.ca if you have any other questions about becoming a sponsor. Thanks so much for considering advertising on OurYXE.ca.