Why elevated transit is not a good idea

We’ll let Jennifer Keesmat explain Toronto chief planner Jennifer Keesmat cites the shadow that a structure like the Gardiner casts on the street below. She also brandishes one of the chief arguments for building Toronto’s LRTs in the first place.   “From a land use planning perspective, if our objective in integrating higher order transit…

Spirit of Boston

Photo of the Day: Spirit of Boston

A bunch of decommissioned Fokker F-28 airplanes that used to belong to Canadian Regional Airlines were parked and abandoned outside a hanger in Saskatoon back in 2007. Wendy and I took some shots of them before they deteriorate any more. The logos and markings had been painted over but several years in the elements have…

Caswell Hill

Neighbourhood Guide: Caswell Hill

We continue the OurYXE Neighborhood Guides with the beautiful Caswell Hill.  Just located to the north and west of Downtown Saskatoon, Caswell has come alive in recent years with a variety of homes being restored and new ones being rebuilt.  It features excellent food, wonderful architecture, a rich history, and probably the best park in…


Neighbourhood Profile: City Park

OurYXE profiles the historic neighbourhood of City Park.  Once home to the Saskatoon Exhibition, one of Saskatoon’s first golf courses, and now two of the finest coffeehouses in Saskatoon, City Park is one of Saskatoon’s most interesting and well designed neighbourhoods.

Outdoor Fireplace

Winterize your deck!

Edmonton can relate to our cold climate and miserable winters but they aren’t taking it anymore.  Here is a tip on winterizing your deck, something I wish some Saskatoon restaurants would try. It’s January in Edmonton, and a quick glance outside your window may find a once-lush and lively deck now slumbering peacefully under a…

bike lane fence

How Protected Bike Lanes Mean Business

A great ebook that demonstrates how protected bike lanes can bring economic gain and vibrancy into neighbourhood businesses. FUELING REDEVELOPMENT TO BOOST REAL ESTATE VALUE As city populations grow, motor vehicle congestion increases. New roads are rarely  an option in mature cities. Protected bike lanes bring order and predictability to streets and provide transportation choices…